Kores Masseri

Swashbuckling archaeologist from Severus



Occupation; Scraver Researcher 17;
Data-cube Salvage, Decipher Alien Glyphs, Cache of Ancient Information, Close Combat, Explore Forgotten Places, Fast Talk, Gambling, Impress Others, Inquiry, Network of Guild Contacts, Scraver Cant, Scraver Tattoo, Stealth, Streetwise

Abilities 15;
Born to Masseri Baronets, Blaster Pistol in Boot, Dangerous Mind, Decent Education, Draw Quickly, Estimate Odds, Former Decados Soldier, Intimidating Appearance, Sharp Knives, Watch My Back, Word-Thief

Homeworld; Severus 13;
Advanced Tech Familiarity, Drive Landcraft, Knowledge of Ascorbites, Knowledge of House Decados, Knowledge of Jungle Terrain, Knowledge of Severan Beasts, Ride Severan Beasts, Severan Folklore, Speak Severan Dialect

Cybernetics 13;
Camera Eye with Telescopic and Microscopic Vision, Implanted Think Machine, Body Pocket with Data Stash

Obsessed with salvaging old data cubes, Scraver Blood Oath


100 words baseline:

While a young Masseri in Chobor-Zemsky, Kores explored the depths of the city and his own nature. A large man with a sharp knife and sharper odds estimates, he gained Scraver attention — but joined them on (planet) after an abortive military career. In return for auditing gambling operations he’s supported in his obsession with salvaging old data cubes. He has tools and skills to read damaged cubes, aided by his implanted think machine and camera eye with telescopic and microscopic vision. He hides manuals from his favorite second-republic brands in his flesh pocket and a plasma pistol in his boot.

Appearance: On the tall side, with broad but sloped shoulders, slightly long arms, and perhaps a few extra pounds around the middle, Kores can be intimidating but is clearly not a fighter by profession. His short cropped black hair is already receding, but he compensates with well groomed beard and mustache. The Scraver symbol is tatooed around his right eye, helping to mask the subtle differences that come with it being an implant. His other implants, a think machine and a flesh pocket, are also fairly subtle, with false flesh hiding a cube socket behind his ear and the pocket nestled in his hip.

He is possibly more dangerous for his mind than his knife skills. He is shrewd at estimating odds and betting patterns, and from there can help figure out if gambling operations are playing thing straight or not. His obsession with salvaging old data cubes provides a convenient cover for his auditing activities, but in his mind it is the saving and cataloging of old data that is his primary purpose, the auditing is just to obtain support from his new family.

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Kores Masseri

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