Sir Percival William Talbot Hawkwood

Hawkwood Baronet from Ravenna



An authority on dueling culture and a master swordsman, Sir Percival William Talbot Hawkwood was travelling to a dueling ethics seminar in Tsaritsyn. Coming from a long line of duelists, Percival is more sagacious than his deadly brother, Yvain. His flux sword, Gravity Commit, is a family heirloom. A natural empath, people accidentally tell him their life stories. Sister Angeline became Percival’s confessor after he killed her crypto-Manja patron, and they view each other as siblings. His alcohol tolerance is horrible, but he can endure great pain. He loves dancing, and disguising himself as a commoner to understand the world better.



Homeland: Suryada of Ravenna 14

  • Catch up on news
  • Cosmopolitan living
  • Find things in the city
  • Traditionalist Beliefs

Occupation: Hawkwood Baronet 21

  • Command
  • Dancing
  • Ettiquette +2
  • Fencing +3
  • Grooming
  • Politics
  • Riding
  • Unyielding
  • Relationship: Hawkwood Embassy of Severus, They maintain “a sense of martial alertness that might seem to verge on paranoia – on any other world.”
  • Relationship: The Talbots, They hate their reputation, “Covered in blood, bathed with honor”
  • Relationship: Yvain Talbot Hawkwood (Brother), he is far deadlier and less contemplative than Percival..
  • Relationship: Hawkwood Fencing Club of Tsaritsyn. Conventions must always be followed, and Percival was to help with that.
  • Reputation: Authority on Dueling Culture

Abilities 17

  • Decados Customs
  • Disguise
  • Dueling Lore
  • Easy to talk to
  • Endure pain
  • Empathic
  • Goal: Understand common life
  • Companion: Sister Angeline
  • Item: Gravity Commit, Flux Sword +1
  • Item: Personal Shield


  • Enemy: Secret Manja cult 24
  • Low alcohol tolerance 14
  • Prideful 21


Sir Percival William Talbot Hawkwood

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