Captain Paavo Umpionen

Charioteer from Leminkainen


The Captain has a classically chaotic Charioteer look. His hair is cut in a Vuldrok style, but he’s wearing Engineer utility webbing over a bare chest and Hawkwood military pants. A ragged Istakhr cape completes the outfit. His skin sports barbarian ink and Scraver prison tattoos, not to mention a disturbing number of scars and a few crude piercings.

Captain Paavo Umpionen “Paul of the Vacuum”

Occupation; Charioteer Lieutenant 21
Astrogation, Astronomy, Gunnery, Handgun, Jury-Rig, Jumpkey Collection, Know Capabilities of Ship, Know Jumpweb, Mathematics, Physics, Pilot Explorer, Sensors, Read Urthtech, S/R/W Urthish, Think Machine, Vac-Suit, Void Tactics, Zero-G Maneuvers

Homeworld; Leminkainen 14
Hawkwood Traditions, Resist Sweltering Heat, S/R/W Vuldrok, Suspicious of Strangers, Swim Vuldrok Culture

Abilities – 17
Bought a Ship with Filthy Lucre (Al-Malik Explorer, Garm’s Fang), Can Hide a Ship in Space, Eclectically Dressed, Flechette Pistol, Gjarti Worshipper, Has Prophetic Nightmares, Has Seen Some Shit, Knows a Fence in Every Port, Nitobi Blaster Axe, Sees Red in Combat

Sidekick: Ossi Hvshin “Ecliptic Eagle”,
Maghtaw Shaman-Mechanic 17, Speaks to the Machine Spirits 13, Hydro-spanner Hatchet 13

Cursed to Find No Planet Home 13, Gazed Too Long into The Abyss 20, Piloted a Notorious Raider 17 (Hawkwood Marauder Class – ‘Bloody Maw’)

Flechette Pistol, Garm’s Fang (Ship), Jumpkeys (5), Nitobi Blaster Axe

20 Character Points:
Sidekick – 3 pts
Charioteer 17 → 21 – 8 pts
Homeworld 13 → 14 – 2 pts
Abilities 15 →17 – 4 pts.
3 Jumpkeys – 3 pts.

Jumpkeys; Leminkainen/Byzantium Secundus, Lemikainen/Aylon, Leminkainen/Hargard, Byzantium Secundus/Criticorum, Criticorum/Cadavus

Captain Paavo Umpionen

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