Provost Otto

Eskatonic Priest from Manitou



Thin, straggly bearded and grey haired Eskatonic

Occupation; Eskatonic Priest 17

Homeworld: Manitou 13
Advanced Tech Familiarity, Familiarity with Aliens, Knowledge of Badlands Terrain, Knowledge of Heretical Sects, Knowledge of Psychic Covens, Lore – Manitouan People and Places, Manitouan Folklore, Ride Manitouan Beasts, Speak Manitouan Dialect, Streetwise

Abilities 15;
Holy Scriptures

Church Rituals 17;
The Prophet’s Holy Blessing, The Devotional Liturgy, The Laying On of Hands

Eskatonic Rituals 17:
Celestial Alignment, Divine Revelation, Rending the Veil of Unreason

Stolen Sathra Inducer

Provost Otto

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