Jonas Fischer

Gifted but wilful Engineer with a cybernetics obsession and rudimentary psi powers



With a wiry frame and slight stoop, Jonas makes up in awkward agility what he lacks in physical grace, but often gives the impression of having more than his fair share of elbows. A constant nervous energy animates the slightly asymmetric features of his face, which are framed by a shock of brown hair.

Engineer 17
Analyse Tech +1, Adapt Tech, Applied Science, Cybernetics +1, Investigate, Improve Performance, Information Gathering, Innovative, Life Science, Physical Science, Physick +1, Ranged Combat (Slug Guns), Ranged Combat (Plasma Guns) +2 , R/W Urthtech, Think Machines, Repair Tech, Vehicle Maintenance

Homeworld: Cadiz 13
Hironem Lore, Humble Upbringing, Seen It All Before, Speak Cadiz Dialect

Abilities 17
Awkward Agility 17, Brawling 17, Confounding Logic 17, Drive to Better Himself 17, Grudging Respect of Prominent Masters 17, Incisive Intellect 18, Mathematical Prodigy 1W, Resources Beyond His Rank 20, SOE Alembic Blaster Pistol 17, TL6 Toolkit 17

Sledgehammer Southpaw 17, Steady Right Hand 17, Girdle of Giant Strength 17

FarHand 18

Unpaid Debts 15, Obsessed with Cybernetics 17, Tactless 15, Unnerving 15, Wilful 17

Synthsilk Armour, Engineering Goggles, Long Coat

100 words
Jonas_Fischer’s humble upbringing on Cadiz gave him a taste for brawling and a drive to better himself, but his incisive intellect led him to The_Supreme_Order_Of_Engineers. A wilful and tactless mathematical prodigy with an awkward agility and a gift for confounding logic, he earned the grudging respect of several prominent Masters, granting him resources beyond his rank, including a TL6_Toolkit and Alembic_Blaster_Pistol, but also made him enemies. Obsessed with cybernetics, he helped design his Sledgehammer_Southpaw, Steady_Right_Hand and Girdle_Of_Giant_Strength, but has unpaid debts as a result. His modest psychic abilities were recognised by the secretive Guild_Coven, who guide him on the FarHand_Path.

CCPs spent:

  • 3 – Psi: Farhand keyword
  • 3 – Add Other abilities: Grudging Respect of Prominent Masters, SOE Alembic Blaster Pistol, TL6 Toolkit
  • 3 – Add Engineer abilities: Cybernetics, Physick, Ranged Combat (Plasma Weapons)
  • 4 – Increase Mathematical Prodigy by 4
  • 4 – Increase Engineer keyword by 2
  • 3 – Increase Resources Beyond His Rank by 3

HPs spent

  • Scene 1 = 4 HP :+1 to Ranged Combat (Plasma Weapons), Analyse Tech, Farhand and Incisive Intellect

Jonas grew up in Elibyrge, capital city of Cadiz, where his poor upbringing in the vast city’s sprawling suburbs gave him a taste for brawling and a near-pathological determination to claw his way up in the world. This drive to better himself and his incisive intellect led him to the Supreme Order of Engineers, where he was quickly recognised as a mathematical prodigy with a gift for confounding logic, but frequently censured for his willfulness and complete absence of tact.

In spite of this dubious reputation, Jonas has progressed to the rank of Apprentice in the Guild and earned the grudging respect of several prominent Masters. While this has allowed him to acquire knowledge, skills and technology – including advanced cybernetics and an SOE Alembic Blaster Pistol – that are normally not available to Guild members of his rank, it has also made him some enemies.

Heavily in debt to the Reeves as a result of his expensive taste in cybernetics, he habitually wears clunky gauntlets and a bulky tool belt to disguise his enhancements. These are localised variations on the Lithe Wire technology that he helped to design. His left arm is augmented with violence in mind, but his right is more delicately wired, giving him unwavering fine motor control. His ‘girdle’ actually extends all the way up his back, allowing him to lift heavy objects (like engines) with ease; it can also be abused to perform more superhuman feats, but this is not without cost to the user’s health…

A relatively recent discovery were his modest psychic abilities, which were luckily recognised soon after they first began to manifest by a secretive coven operating within the Guild. Through their timely intervention and patient mentoring, Jonas has taken the first step on the FarHand path.

Jonas Fischer

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