Sir Alarus Thana

A young and humble knight of House Thana



House_Thana_Sigil.pngSir Alarus is a strikingly handsome young man with bronze skin, violet eyes, and long colorless hair resembling clear silk. A navy blue cloak hangs about his form, draped across his shoulders and folded around one arm in a style reminiscent of ancient Urth Mediterranean aristocrats. Emblazoned on the back of his cloak is a gold emblem of a burning brazier. Collected and solemn, he carries himself with a quiet grace that seems both humble and dignified.

Occupation: 4ш
Acrobatics, Agility, Concealed Dueling Shield, Deep Focus, Iaido Fencing Specialist (+5), Keen Awareness, Koto Martial Arts, Stealth, Synthsilk Armor

Abilities: 15
Angelic Appearance, Astute Observation, Athletics, Firearms, Humble Charm, Information Gathering, Remedy Wounds, Resourceful Wit, Well-Traveled

Homeworld: 13
Advanced Tech Familiarity, Familiarity With Aliens

Ostracized by the Church 13, Stigma 13, Unnerving to the Superstitious 13

Assorted clothing (Manitan and Criticoran styles), flame retardant cloak and robes, synthsilk armor, oxygen filter mask, dueling shield, waterproof electronic timepiece, wrist squawker, laser pistol, grappler, masterfully crafted shocker katana, dirk, dagger, 2 flash grenades, 10 fusion cels, fusion torch, MedPac containing sterilized gauze, alcohol, medical tape, burn ointment, and Elixir injector with 8 doses

Sir Alarus Thana

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